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Welcome to the website of the China International Students Council (CISC). We are the link between you and the Chinese educational institutions. The CISC is a non-governmental organization set up to promote the interests of international students studying in China and help Chinese educational institutions prepare study programs to suit international students in coordination with CCOL.

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CISC offers unique solutions and methodology based on expert knowledge and extensive experience in ensuring the China Education System.

Why Study in China?

China is definitely a place for people who enjoy a challenge. A huge, diverse country with a long, long history, there are so many fascinating aspects to explore. It may be over 700 years since Marco Polo chronicled his travels around China, but even today few Chinese outside of the main cities have ever seen a 'Laowai' because the country and its culture remain inaccessible to the vast majority of westerners.

East Asia is one of the most economically dynamic regions in the world and will China will soon rival Japan as the second largest economy in the world. China is host to numerous U.S.

multi-national firms or their subsidiaries (including Coca-Cola, Ford, GE, GM, KFC, Kodak, McDonald's, Motorola, Wal-Mart, and Xerox). China makes more than 50% of the cameras sold worldwide; 30% of the air conditioners and televisions; 25% of the washing machines; 20% of the refrigerators; 40% of all microwave ovens sold in Europe.

Studying in China may be the best possible way to adventure. In addition to picking up Chinese skills, you will also learn about a fascinating culture and a very different way of life.

China's universities attach great importance to good school spirit. In many universities, a good school spirit is embodied by diligence, hard work, strictness, realism, pioneering, innovation and originality. Based on the characteristics of their specialties, different universities accentuate specific aspects of school spirit.

For instance, medical universities install in their school spirit the concept of humanitarianism; normal universities recommend the students to develop the spirit of sacrifice and be paragons of virtue and learning; and universities of political science and law encourage the students to cultivate noble characters and to be upright and just, honest and faithful to the duties.

By studying in China you will gain academic success, grow as an individual and go on to bring great honor to your homeland when you return.

How to Get China MBBS Admission ASAP?


This article "How to Get China MBBS Admission ASAP" shows you all related information, tips, and step by step guide about How to Get China MBBS Admission ASAP, check "How to Get China MBBS Admission ASAP" and learn tips about How to Get China MBBS Admission ASAP By CISC!

How to get China MBBS Admission ASAP is a frequently asked question for applicants of MBBS in China. As MBBS is a hotly-discussed program in China, China MBBS Admission is naturally in the top concerns list. The following is some tips onChina MBBS Admission.

Tip1 of China MBBS Admission : Be Aware of the MBBS Application Process and the China MBBS Admission Requirements
Normally, students will only pay attention to the MBBS application process. It is necessary to know that being fully aware of the scholarship process is also important to apply China MBBS scholarship.

Tip 2 of China MBBS Admission: Use Trustworthy Sources to Get China MBBS Admission ASAP
Generally, applicants of China MBBS Admission can apply China MBBS to host universities by CISC. It is worth mentioning that application of China MBBS Admission is only viable in related trustworthy institutions.

Tip 3 of China MBBS Admission: Prepare Well Beforehand
There are many materials need documenting in order to apply China MBBS Admission. Even one document that has not satisfy the requirements can result in failure of China MBBS Admission